Faber In 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Soonho kwon 10th grade English 9/30/15 Faber “Do you know why books are so important? Because they have quality and what does quality mean? To me it means texture” (p.83). In Fahrenheit 451 we see a society that burs books. In The story, there is a character who does not believe that burning books is good. He is too afraid to stop the burning of books. This character is Faber. When Faber says “I don’t talk things, sir, I talk the meaning of things” (p.75), it shows that Faber is fragile and calmed character. The way Faber thinks is different from the society because he cares about the books “the book-where did you-?” (p.81) he asks where he got the book meaning he cares about it. Faber is a static character because in this quote “patience

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