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A critical review of Mockingbird Don’t Sing movie The development of language The film was started in the year of 1970. This movie was about a girl who has been imprisoned in her room without any human contact and relations with others since her age was one. Her mother Louise (who has cataracts; Kim Darby), has taken enough abuse from her dictatorial and despotic husband, Jack Betts; she got the courage to be away from him after he left the house. She gets her son, Billy (a few years older than Katie; Michael Azria), to help her and Katie to escape from their home. Louise and Katie come into a welfare office to seek benefits for the blind. The title of the movie “Mockingbird Don’t Sing” is an emotive and informative one and is the perfect title of the movie. The overriding theme in this movie sheds lights on a girl whose name is Katie and the appalling and terrible conditions on how she was put into early in life, some trauma, and how some people tried to help her especially her mother in an attempt to get her disabilities over. How darkly and dimly lit the atmosphere was associated with what went on that room and also an interesting fact can be clearly seen from the shades which were made out of newspapers from the outside world from which Katie is entirely isolated and seemed completely oblivious…show more content…
During her isolation, she was abused girl by her father who dealt her violently and in a barbarous way. In her 13 years of isolation from the real world, she never learned to talk but only a few words like "stopit" and "no more." Her motor skills were that of a baby and she never learned the right way to act and behave. He mother decided to help her to finish this suffering from isolation and learn all these skills. Katie was pushed to learn how to talk and how to act in convenient way that society would

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