Comparing Grimm's The Brothers Grimm And Disney

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The shared innate compulsion that resides within the human psyche to record or create fictitious pieces of literature in order to more easily convey emotion or opinion has been a constant source of information, allowing for the exploration of various cultures and perspectives throughout human history. From this established tendency to record and create through written word, authors such as The Brothers Grimm and Disney have successfully provided a glimpse of the time period they resided in, and in doing so allows the societal and cultural norms and expectations of the era to be more comprehensively understood. While both are examples of widely distributed and consumed fairy tale authors, they differ greatly in their purpose within society, as well as the cultural and civil…show more content…
Fairy tales, and their dynamic and developing nature, fulfill a specific function in society, while also communicating certain notions in an easily understood and distributed fashion. The purpose of literature has always maintained a variable nature. When conscious of this overarching statement, defining the purpose behind the writings of The Brothers Grimm and Disney becomes a much more manageable endeavor. Working within the confines of the 19th century, The Brothers Grimm utilized the concept of folklore, and consequently fairy tales, to further themselves within a dynamic and changing social system. The brothers found themselves placed within the Bourgeoisie, a specific class of individuals who possessed a reverence for art, literature, and democratic progress. As this class of affluent individuals sought to become a catalyst for societal reform, the status and dominance that males held over their female counterparts became a topic of immense importance. Consequently, the various works of The Brothers Grimm contain “clear indications of class injustice and familial

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