Machiavelli's Mandrake Root

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The Prince, One of Machiavelli’s most famous and controversial works has many implications and ideas on how to take over a country and rule it, by showing many political strategies on how to take over a country and maintain it. The political strategies Machiavelli talks about are easily adapted in his other work/ satirical play; The Mandrake Root. Machiavelli offers practical political advice on a variety of matters such as to join the weaker powers together and come to the country to live, to increase the power of one’s own, and to send colonies/troops in. this fits well into the mandrake root because we can see that Callimaco uses all the weaker powers at play to gain what he wants, from using his servant Siro to come up with ideas as well…show more content…
This is seen in The Prince “one of the best and most efficacious remedies would be for the person who has taken possession of them to go and live there.”(Machiavelli, 1520, pg. 82) And we can easily see this translated into the mandrake root when in the prologue we are told that “He is known among his friends as a worthy, noble fellow both in looks and deeds” (Machiavelli, 1520, pg. 434) he also uses his servant Siro and talks to him about a girl he saw named Lucrezia and can’t stop thinking about her, they both try to devise a plan and come up with an idea. “I’m telling you, not because I want your advice, but because I need to get this off my chest; and I also want you to be ready to help me if necessary.”(pg. 437) he asks his manservant Siro to be prepared to help him when necessary, just as any good prince would do with their troops. They then devise a plan to get Ligurio on their team. “Because he is good company, Messer Nicia has taken a liking to him, and Ligurio uses him.” (Machiavelli, 1520, pg. 438) we can see the benefits Ligurio would have if he is on their team and accepts to help

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