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Salary caps have been in pro sports since 1994, starting with the National Football League. It has had many good benefits in sports, but some people still have a problem with them. Salary caps keep rich teams from buying all of the best players. High paid players typically perform the same, if not worse than the lower to medium played players in many sports. And also the salary cap is already high; therefore, they should not be increased. There are many pros to salary caps and they should not be removed. Generally in most pro sports most people would think that higher paid players would perform better. But in most circumstances that’s not the case. Most of the time in Major League Baseball (with no salary cap) the higher paid players perform as good, if not worse, than many of the lower paid players. According to Jim Pagels, author for Priceonomics, players with higher WARS (the way MLB players are measured in skill) get paid the same if not more than many higher skilled players. If this is happening in a league without a salary cap then it’s clearly obvious that the salary cap is doing a good job keeping payment in line. (See graph 1) If a player’s salary is not controlled by the league then many players will get paid an extreme amount of money that is taking away from other players salary.…show more content…
"Salary caps give poorer, small-market teams a chance to compete, thus drawing more fans in and benefiting the league” (Pagels). There are several examples of this in the NFL. One being the Redskins. They are the third most valuable NFL team but managed to go 4-12 in 2014, and 3-13 in 2013. In the meantime the Lions are the 30th most valuable team but made the playoffs last season. This has happened with many other teams in other leagues, but the NFL has great balance with the caps. If a team is smart with their money then they can still achieve the

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