Summary Of The Film 'The Lost Boys'

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1987, the second Sudanese civil war. About 2.5 million people killed and millions were displaced. The war drove out a group of an estimated 27,000 young boys which the group adopted the name “The Lost Boys”, most six or seven years old, away from their families and villages in southern Sudan. They walked a thousand miles through the desert to Ethiopia to escape death or induction into the northern army. In 2001, with the help of the United States and the international rescue committee, close to four thousand Lost Boys came to the United States seeking peace, freedom, and education. In 2007, Christopher Quinn released a documentary film titled God Grew Tired of Us. A film that shows its audience the life lived in the refugee camps in Ethiopia,…show more content…
Near the middle of the film the Lost Boys start to sense how the majority of people in America perceive the Lost Boys and come off in an aloof manner. They can feel that they are the outsiders on this foreign soil. “In the United States, people are not friendly” (Quinn). “Merchants in Daniel and Panthers neighborhood have filed complaints with the local police in Pittsburgh. They feel intimidated by the boys entering their stores in large numbers.” (Narrator). “How are we going to be acquainted with this life here? It’s a great shame, actually” (Quinn). Although modern day United States is supposed to be a racism free country, citizens of America seem to look at the Lost Boys with a sense of incongruity. The struggle the boys are going through with the adaptation to this new world is nothing compared to the life experiences they have endured back in Africa. For the local people of the United States to be intimidated by their innocent actions has the Lost Boys feeling astray about their culture being tampered with. It is supposed to be a free country. From all that they have been through, it has built the Lost Boys with the courage to make it in America. There are times when the Lost Boys feel cornered by this new world but they know that no matter what life hands them they will keep moving

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