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It is hard to escape the word ‘trends’ today. We are constantly told that A is ‘in’ but B is ‘out’, that X is ‘cool’ or Y is ‘hot’ .Fashion magazines regale us with the latest catwalk trends. Colors next year will be vibrant or monochromatic, Newspapers provide us with the latest house market, parenting and even Christmas toy trends. Technology magazines predict new product trends from electronic books to intelligent fridges. The word “TREND” is increasingly heard in commercial circles too. Business publications explain how the latest media and purchase trends may kill off television advertising or bricks-and-mortar retail. Conferences are schedules on trends in marketing or online practices. Insight directors are asked to explain trends among…show more content…
Consumer Trend Analysis is an application which provides ease in the daily life of the consumer by using transactional data and standardized method of recommendation by providing trend in arranging and managing the tasks of the employee. It is not only an application for providing ease but also a complete package which can also be used for the deals and product marketing. CHAPTER 1 1.3 Why Consumer Trend Analysis? Consumer Trend Analysis is an application which provides a proper way to shop according to Trend that can be implemented in any mart easily. It is based on the activities regarding corporate environment. Its aim is to provide quality trend, increase productivity and coordination among mart. 1.4 Document Scope The purpose of this document is to provide a complete description and working of Consumer Trend Analysis. It will illustrate the planning, designing, building and working of Consumer Trend Analysis. It will provide complete information regarding priorities and permission access that will be granted to the appropriate user in order to use the application. 1.7 Intended Users and…show more content…
CHAPTER 1 1.9 Prominent Features Some of the prominent in scope features are listed below: • Showing latest deals: These can be done when a consumer install our app weather he/she is registered, or not registered user of our application the latest deals are shown to user. • Showing latest trend: These can be done when a consumer install our app but he/she must be a registered user of our application latest trend will be shown on the basis of their shopping history. • Push Notification: Notification will be push to the user who is registered form CTA application, the notification will be “Bill on Mobile”, “Deals” and “Latest Trend”. • Admin report: The Admin of mart can generate a report to check and evaluate the user shopping trend, to generate report of stock and inventory on the basis of trend history. • Profile maintenance: Admin can define role of employee and also maintain the profile of employee such as employee role, employee username, and employee password. 1.10 Assumption CTA assume that our user have these thing to run a CTA mobile application • Have a smart phone, • Functionality of Wi-Fi or

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