Analysis Of The Legend Of Sir Gawain

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During medieval times aristocrats enjoyed legends about chivalrous knights with Christian morality and military ideals. Knights in these respected and vigorously defended the honor of their church, ruler, homeland, and any victim of injustice. In medieval England there was a period of civil unrest, political battles, and plagues. These legends allowed the people of this time to escape into a world of magic, love, riches, and heroes. Their favorite legend in particular was the legend of King Arthur and his knights. Sir Gawain was one of King Arthur’s knights whose integrity is tested by the Green Knight in a series of challenges. In the beginning of the story the Green Knight wants to duel with King Arthur; but, Sir Gawain accepts the challenge in honor of his king. Next, Gawain is tested at a castle where he was welcome by a lord and his lady. Lastly, Sir Gawain finally arrives at the duel destination to complete the task for his king, however, he instead receives a revelation.…show more content…
Sir Gawain, a knight of King Arthur, requests the challenge of a duel with the Green Knight in place of King Arthur. He goes to explain that he is the best option because he mattes the least of all the knights. King Arthur then grants Gawain’s request. The Green Knight asks Gawain to identify himself and they make a pact. As soon as the battle begins Gawain swings his battle ax and chops the knight’s head off. The knight picks his head up and tells Gawain a message. He tells him to prepare to be requited on New Year’s morn at the Green Chapel. Afterwards the Green Knight and his noble steed

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