Debit Card Case Study

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Raxcard and its services RAXCARD is an e-currency depositing and transferring venture. The company provides anonymous and secure debit cards to its clients and user, irrespective of their country and location. Raxcard Debit Card provides has all essential advantages and benefits to its clients in a simple and convenient manner. The user can connect Raxcard with any E-currency account including Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Web money Account. A user can deposit funds from the respective currency of its country and use the similar funds for various online purposes and even can withdraw these funds from any ATM across the globe. The Raxcard empowers a user to carry the perfect money funds into their plastic cards and which they can withdraw anytime,…show more content…
There are multiple cash out methods available from different ATM credit cards for the cash out of e-currency but most of them are not reliable and secure, also those service providers have improper management for faster payment cash out and maintained the security of their clients. Raxcard is the best service provider for the cash out of e-currency. Raxcard is the most reliable and secured online payment method through its prepaid debit cards. The methods and procedures for the transitions are kept simple and hassle-free for the convenience of clients. A user can easily avail a prepaid debit card without revealing any kind of classified identification. The cost of the Raxcard is 50 USD and the card is delivered charges through FEDEX or DHL within 2-5 business days. Raxcard Prepaid Debit Cards Offers its clients a reliable,…show more content…
The company provides its clients an anonymous debit card which doesn’t have any kind of classified information about the user mentioned on it. It’s not mandatory for the user to share all the information. The Raxcard provide a perfect and efficient debit card to its clients from which they can easily withdraw money from any ATM across the globe which supports Visa card protocol. A user only need to request for the payment that is to be withdraw, besides that a user can withdraw or transfer the funds anytime through Raxcard online system. The Raxcard has offers simplest card issue system for its clients. The clients don’t need to hide and seek for card issuing. Raxcard ensures that the associated clients get their debit card within the shortest period in most reliable methods delivered at their door steps at the minimal

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