External Combustion Engine Research Paper

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Abstract: The purpose of this project is to determine the stresses that acting on the cylinder wall in internal combustion engines because of pressure difference. Introduction: First, we need to know what engine is? Engine is defined as a machine used to convert one form of energy to useful mechanical work. For example: Heat Engine converts heat energy into mechanical energy by burning fuel. The word engine comes from “engin” from Old French, from the Latin ingenium-the root of the word ingenious. Old war weapons such as trebuchets, catapults and battering rams were called siege engines. The short name used for engines at that time was gin. Most mechanical machine discovered during industrial revolution were called as engines. In all of these…show more content…
Heat Engines: A heat engine is a device that transforms thermal energy into mechanical energy, which can then be used to do any mechanical work. We further classify heat engines as: • External combustion Engine • Internal combustion (IC) Engine External Combustion Engine: An external combustion engine is a device in which working fluid is burn by an external source through a heat exchanger or engine wall. The fluid then, by expanding and acting on the mechanism of engine produces useable work and motion. The consumed fluid is then cooled, compressed and reused. For Example: Steam Engine Internal Combustion Engine: An internal combustion engine is a engine in which fuel is burn internally in oxidized air in a combustion chamber. In internal combustion engine the expansion of high pressure and high temperature gases, which are produced by combustion directly applied force to parts of the engine such as turbine blades, nozzle, piston and by moving it over a distance or generates useful mechanical energy. For Example: Petrol engine and Diesel engine. Classification of IC Engines: Internal combustion engines can be divided according to different feature like • Operating

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