Explain Why I Should Be Considered For A Scholarship

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Why should you be considered for the SPURS scholarship program? The reason I should be considered for the scholarship is because I persist to accomplish my goals, I overcome obstacles and I am unique. Whenever I set my self-goals I persist on completing them on time. One example is last summer I had to figure out how to fix the door of my car because on day it stop working, and the only way to open it was from the inside. I set the goal to fix it by the end summer while taking summer classes and working at the time. It took me a month to figure out what the problem was, I was constantly doing trial and error and I had times I almost gave up. Once I installed the new tension cable and replace the bearing the door still wouldn’t open. I tried…show more content…
I stay active by playing intermural sports and managing the soccer team. How will the SPURS scholarship benefit your academic career? The Spurs scholarship program would help me I am thankful to Spurs Scholarship program for giving an opportunity to thousands of college students like me to better our college experience. If I qualify for the scholarship, I will gain opportunities that will assist me in achieving my community, career and educational goals. I am the first person in my family to pursue a bachelor’s degree and if I am successful with the grant, I will be able to inspire my family members and friends back in Mexico to change the world through Engineering. I believe diversity is a very important aspect in the field of engineering because it provides different perspectives on the best solutions to difficult problems through collaboration. I hope to be given the opportunity to bring my unique perspective on how technology can positively impact our society to the automotive

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