Explain What Event Might Have Changed My Perspective

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When a child grows up, they form opinions and they have perspectives that will probably shape them and define them for the rest of their lives. Some of these opinions are formed from how a child grew up and what circumstances they grew up in. Some are formed from that child being able to ask questions and wanting to find out the truth or if what they know is the truth. Experiences and events often shape a child’s opinion and it can define who they will be in the future. So, what event might have changed my perspective? I know for a fact that when I was younger I asked a ship load of questions, and when i was given answers, I always remembered asking “why?”. No one could ever get away with telling me something and expecting me to believe it for a fact, I’d get home and ask mom if it were true. Even then I was still open to change and if I received a more logical explanation to something, I’d research it to make sure it was true. An experience which has caused me to change my perspective or my opinion is that of my arrival to America. This event expanded my knowledge and my mind, and it was an opportunity to be different, and not just take someone’s word for it.…show more content…
Apart from lacking the ability to truly experience a culture, in Jamaica, I was very limited to opportunities, opportunities to volunteer, and in many ways to build great character, however I did manage to build my character given these circumstances. Nothing came easy, things were either too expensive for the average person or not within the distance limit of the average person. It was as if you were either in a very developed part of the island or you were in an underdeveloped area or too far away from the more developed

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