Explain How Transitions May Affect Children And Young People's Development

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I have been asked to pretend that I am preparing myself for an interview for a job at a Sure Start's children's centre. I have done this by talking about the typical transitions children go through in their first 8 years of life, what their parents/ guardians and early years professionals can do to help them get through it and also how certain transitions with affect their overall development. Transition: the movement of a child from one place of care to another. Transitions usually involve a separation from the main carer and a change of physical environment. Most children as they grow up will experience a range of transitions as part of the normal pattern of childhood. Most of these transitions will be planned, for example when a child starts weaning or goes from reception to year 1. Timeline of events/transitions:…show more content…
Motivating them to try new foods by firstly showing them how you taste them and then what impact that has (facial expression yum), if they are still not certain then you can also try a "tongue tip and touch" approach to a new food. Loss of a dummy - the transition between having a dummy or and then no longer having one can be terrifying. Having a supportive relationship will help to understand that the dummy is what a child depends on for reassurance and relaxation to help when it is time to sleep and then you are able to find other ways to support and comfort them at sleep times. Move from crawling to walking - moving from crawling to walk helps children reach new aspects of their lives and they will also become more independent as they are able to do more things for themselves. If a child has a supportive relationship when learning how to walk it will encourage children to explore the environment around them safely and have fun and enjoy themselves at the same

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