Explain How Multi Agency Teams Work Together

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Babies and children, at a young age will begin to learn. They will learn in many ways, this can include: sense, socialisation, exploration and experiences. All of which will pay a big part of a child growing up and learning and they will work together in helping the child to be the best that they can. Sense Sense can help a child develop in many ways. A child will begin to learn what each sense means and how they will help us learn about our environment such as; our eyes help us see, our ears let us hear, our hands help us feel, our noses let us smell, and our tongues help us taste things. When a child hears they take in information around them from others. When a child listens to thing happening around them it allows them to get important…show more content…
form different cultures. Children learn about their bodies and how to communicate with others through touch. Most of the feeling that we do happens through our feet and our hands. Socialisation It is important for parents to look for opportunities for their babies and toddlers to interact with other children around the same age. These interactions will help to develop children’s confidence around other people and make them less anxious about being away from their prime caregiver e.g., parents or carer. Even if you are worried about something negative happening, for example, pushing or biting, these incidents are all part of developing life experiences for them to learn about. Socialisation is the process helps children learn from others. They begin learning from others during the early days of their lives; and most people continue their social learning all through life. Natural socialisation occurs when infants and youngsters explore, play and discover the social world around them. Planned socialisation occurs when other people teach or train others, from infancy

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