Personal Narrative: My Trip To Las Vegas

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First place… Three Rivers!!! As I hear this my team and I scream in joy. We worked so hard for this. We got our way to national’s in Las Vegas, Nevada and a state championship! My trip to Las Vegas, a place that more than 41 million people visit each year, was an experience that I will never forget (, 1, 8). My eyes open to a blur as I feel my dad’s cold fingers tugging on my arm in attempt to wake me from a deep sleep. About thirteen seconds went by until I realized we were leaving to head to Las Vegas, Nevada in ten minutes! I grabbed my pink pig pillow pet, worn-out blanket that my sister made me for Christmas, James Patterson book, iPhone and headphones; then, got comfy in the passenger seat of the car as we headed down to the airport in South Bend, Indiana. We got on the plane reeking of sweat and I got into my seat squished between my dad and a stranger. I turned my phone on airplane mode, put my headphones in my ears and turned my music up full volume. Before I realized it we were already in Las Vegas. As I walked off the plane into the airport, I felt the 106 degree heat and was instantly in love. The weather in the Southwest isn’t like the weather in Michigan.. If it was a hundred degrees…show more content…
Cheerleading was founded at the University of Minnesota. I was on the level five cheerleading team and the reason we made this trip to Las Vegas was to come down for our national cheerleading competition. I put my uniform on, put about a whole can of hairspray into my teased hair and got a taxi to the Orleans Arena. I walk out and see more cheerleaders and cheerleading fans that I have ever seen before. I got my wristband and walked into the practice room. Being that this was my first national’s competition, I was more nervous than I think I have ever been. Watching how flawless the teams were, sweat starting trickling down my neck and I felt as if I was going to faint at any

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