What Are Alexander's Most Important Accomplishments

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First what is Alexander’s most important accomplishments? First of all Alexander was born in Pella Macedonia in 356 BCE. In those times Macedonia was frowned upon by the rest of the city states. Because they or a blend of Greek and Slavic. Another city states also complained that Macedonia was the least cultured of the Greek people and overall Macedonian people who were considered to be inferior. Alexander was 18 you company this father and the invasion of the different Greek city-states his father was successful in his conquest and ruled over Greece. King Philip was considered by many to be a dictator in the summer of 336 BCE King Philip was assassinated Alexander got the chance to move up and take the throne. Shortly after that there was…show more content…
The city of Alexandria then became the greatest literacies insane to the game and commercial center of the ancient world. After that Alexander went to face King Darius again with 70,000 interest infantry in 7000 Calvary Darius this time was very confident that is going to beat Alexander because of the sheer number of the men he had. Had 1 million men surrounding him. Alexander was a very intelligent person you realized I couldn't kill all of the persons so we devised a battle plan that would split the persons so they could infiltrate the large bubble of soldiers and get to King Darius. However King Darius like you did before flag in this time his generals told him and killed him. At this point Alexander control all of the Persian Empire and grease and they decided to invade India where you defeated Massimo army of Indian troops and battle elephants at the Battle of hyphasis. Through responders he picked up a habit of drinking. And that ultimately led to his downfall but before she died of alcohol poisoning in the effects of a long life of drinking he conquered grease most of India China in the Persian Empire thus explaining the Greek civilization by leaps and…show more content…
However that panel nor squandered it sometimes thanks to the consumption of massive amounts of alcohol and I'm getting power drunk over conquering whole ton of land. Are he's a very driven man, and on top of the drive that he has just in this personality is also trained by Aristotle, so he was given a supreme until October many other people. However that power will squander do sometimes thanks to the consumption of mass amounts of alcohol and him getting power drunk over Kong green Old Town of land. The way he was addicted to you ruthless leader who at the core of the politician or a what would have been a politician in those days. He just had the added weight of getting control over for civilization when his father died when he might not have been ready. And to expound upon that many men have been given way too much power at a young age and have not been adequately prepared to deal with it or make anything good out of it. I think the only reason he made any kind of progress was that his mentor was the great Aristotle one of the great minds of the ancient

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