How To Write A Sociological Analysis Of The Movie Crash

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The film Crash, is taken place in Los Angeles. Each character in this film play two roles. The victim of course and the individual who than accuses others as well, in multiple scenarios that play around with racism. Some of the main characters and actions that happened in the film were The African-American males who stole cars in order to make money for themselves (Anthony and Peter), the wife who is married to the district attorney (Jean and Rick) , the young man who fixed the door for the Arab man and almost lost his life (Daniel and Farad), the police officer who was racist towards a married couple, because of the colour of there skin (John, Cameron and Christine), and the coloured police officer who prejudice against his own people, while he was in a relationship with another person he worked with his was Puerto Rican (Graham and Jennifer). When it comes to…show more content…
When it comes to person perception, it’s defined as the processes in which we as individuals use social stimuli to set impressions on other individuals. Now, when it comes to how people see you socially, some examples would be when it comes to stereotyping, first time interactions and social prophecy. Now in the film the scene when Jean and rick are walking towards the car, when she sees Anthony and Peter. Jean, as anyone who doesn’t know or grew up in a society were stereotyping is alright, labelled the men as to be bad people. Stereotyping usually means labelling a someone or a group of people to a particular race or community. Jean of course our of fear for what Anthony and Peter might do, held on to Rick very close because she was scared something was going to happen to her. Anthony, of course realised what she had been doing and took great offence to what she had done. When people act like the exceptions they are though to be, this

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