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The Cave of Forgotten Dreams Have you ever wondered how the past was? How did humans and other creatures live together? All of these questions create curiosity that makes anyone want to search for answers. When it comes to prehistoric researching, however, the answers will not be that accurate. This is because there were only remnants and monuments that indicate what probably happened. According to the movie, the Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Werner, (H), Stipetic, 2010), the Chauvet Cave which lies in France, is one of the ancient caves that is classified to the Paleolithic period. The cave is special due to the paints which were found inside it. These paints are the oldest paints ever discovered. It has made scientists pose lots of questions and draw tentative…show more content…
The reason of classifying this cave to Paleolithic period is that after the scientist had studied the materials, they found it belongs to 30000 BCE. Besides, the drawing style is in profile, which is the same style used in the Paleolithic period. The scientists believe that these paints were not drawn at the same time. In other words, some drawings were done and after years someone else came back and drew again. What affirm their beliefs is the overlapping drawings and their researching (Werner, (H), Stipetic, 2010). The drawings found inside the cave are animal paints which lived at that time (Werner, (H), Stipetic, 2010).. In addition, the most common paints for animals are lions, m ammoths, and rhinoceroses (Jean Clottes, 2002). Red dots are found too, which were made by positive hand printing to create animal's body (Dana Thomas, 1998). Strange to say, Chauvet cave does not have any human paintings except that one, belonging to a woman’s body (Werner, (H), Stipetic, 2010). This throws the scientists in a total confusion and makes them wonder why they drew mostly animals instead of

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