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Imagine losing your memory and forgetting everything you have learned, only to progressively retain it for the rest of your life. This happened to Henry in the movie, Regarding Henry. Henry was a big time lawyer who was shot in the head, which led to him losing all of his memory. Throughout the movie, he progressively gained it back only to realize his previous wrong doings in life. He is in constant conflict with his Id and Superego due to this. Henry’s natural state is his Superego due to certain examples in the movie. Henry’s Id controls part of his life in the movie. An example of Henry’s Id is when he is leaving the rehab center and going back home. He gets angry at Bradley because he does not want to leave his only friend. It is an instinctual urge of Henry to not want to leave, since that is his only friend. Another example of Henry’s Id is when Rachel is leaving for boarding school. Henry gets emotional by this because he loves Rachel and doesn’t want her to go, this could be classified as a biological urge. Even though Henry’s Id controls him in ways, his Superego also controls his life choices.…show more content…
An example of Henry’s Superego is when Henry finds something in one of his recent cases that could have reversed the original ruling. Instead of brushing it aside, Henry confronts his boss and tells of his mistake. Henry wants to fix this but his boss does not. Henry was operating on his moral principle in this situation. Another example is when Henry confronts the family of the persecutor in order to apologize about the overlooked information. This shows Henry has a moral side to him and not just a pleasure side. In addition, Henry’s Superego is his natural state of
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