Physical Therapy Argumentative Essay

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As a Physical Therapist, one of the most important things we are given is the privilege of choice, in my opinion. The important choices we make as physical therapists are the ones we make about the treatment for our individual patient.1 This is what the eighteenth Mary McMillan lecture discusses. An open mind is crucial in the field of physical therapy as we expand our knowledge and thinking to determine which treatment plan works best for each individual patient we will come across. One must be aware that every patient is different even if they are receiving treatment for the same injury or condition. Our decisions have important consequences for patients, which require valuable resources to carry out.2 When choosing a treatment plan, several factors need to be taken into consideration before setting a plan that you will follow. “The choice of an approach to treatment is not a single, global decision made at the start of our work with the patient.”1 This caught my eye while reading the article because I agree completely with the statement. Having the privilege of choice, we are able to think outside of the box. Instead of…show more content…
As mentioned, “physical therapy is part of the health-care system, not the whole thing.”1 It is a difficult choice to make if we indeed decide to expand our practice in this way. An element of APTA’s Vision 2020 states, “Physical therapists accept the responsibility to practice autonomously and collaboratively in all practice environments to provide best practice to the patient/client.”3 While the amount of autonomy given in the future is a hard choice to make, as stated, “such choice is a privilege, not a burden.”1 All the decisions we will need to make as future Physical Therapists will keep us on our feet and alert about our profession and the constant changes within our

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