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The Tragedy of Racism Race plays a critical factor in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. Racism is repeated from the opening of the scene to the closing scene. Racism towards Othello originated from several characters in the play. The effect of racism on Othello is quite visible and is one of the main reasons he suffers from insecurity regarding his marriage. Racism has always been an issue for African Americans since the time of slavery. Othello (Moor) is a general in the Venetian military that had a high ranking and was beneficial to the state. However, because of his skin color and African heritage he was discriminated against, especially by Iago a solider who tries to destroy him. In the first act of Othello Iago speaks of how much hatred he has towards Othello. Iago despises Othello because he chooses an inexperienced lieutenant (Michael Cassio) instead of him. Iago wanted Othello to regret his choice of lieutenancy instead of quitting he had his own agenda he wanted to seek revenge towards him.…show more content…
Iago uses Roderigo a rich mindless man who lust over Desedmona Othello’s wife to seek revenge. In the first scene Roderigo uses racial towards Othello by stating “What a full fortune does the thick-lips owe,/If he can carry ‘t thus!” ( Roderigo is referring to Othello as thick lips which a negro feature. Although Othello is a General he is still looked down upon because of his race and skin tone. Iago and Rodrigo refer Othello as the Moor meaning black Negro. Additionally, Iago calls Othello an “old black ram” “barbery horse “ and a “beast “We can tell that racism is definitely in the air in Venice anyone who is a different race is treated differently. Othello was refereed to as an animal because his skin color was different from everyone else. They try to portray him as animalistic, mindless not having any self

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