Comparing Othello 'And Los Vendidos'

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Most people might agree that Othello, a play by William Shakespeare can be compared and contrasted to any other play then Shakespear's own. Los Vendidos, by Luis Valdez is definitely on the other end of the Shakespeare spectrum but these plays share more in common than you might think. The differences in these plays may be obvious to anyone who has read these fine forms of art. Lets us discuss what these plays may have in common, lets also take a moment to explore their differences. I realized that the climaxes of these plays both take a dramatic turn to the story as any climax is expected to. To sum of their contrasting climax, both main characters take on completely different roles. As we are reading the plays, we are presented with the…show more content…
Jimenez, better known as the secretary in Los Vendidos is the ultimate example of hubris. She has an excessive amount of pride for being an Americanized citizen of Mexican decent. Having pride for your ethnicity, race, or culture is a valued trait but Mrs. Jimenez takes her arrogance to the next level. One of the first impressions of her hubris is when she corrects the salesman in the English pronunciation of her name. We may not witness how Mrs. Jimenez’s hubris directly affects her but her closed mind is certainly obvious to any reader. If her pride and arrogance should remain the same, she will inevitably…show more content…
It is also packed with jokes, stereotypes and racism: the complete opposite of Othello. Luis Valdez does a decent job of attempting to dress up the hardships that Mexican Americans may experience. This play is humorous, educational and provokes a great deal of laughter. Valdez makes fun of stereotypes to help people discover their own prejudices. He used the robots to symbolize the way Mexicans are portrayed to America. Normally dehumanizing any race would be taboo but Valdez gives the reader a chance to laugh along the

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