Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor

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The events of September 11, 2001, changed the world as we know it. We have men and women coming together to gain back justice from this tragedy. In the novel “Lone Survivor” a team of Navy SEAL men does exactly what everyone was hoping for, but the outcome is not exactly what everyone wanted. A four man Navy Seal team was sent into Afghanistan for Operation Redwing, which was to capture or perhaps kill a Taliban Leader Ahmad Shah in late 2005. But soon after they enter into Afghanistan they are discovered by Taliban riflemen and forced into an outnumbered brutal battle. As the Navy Seal men were fighting for their lives one of the four men was able to contact their military base to tell them to send a helicopter, but as soon as they sent a…show more content…
For example, in the film, Hollywood had Marcus Luttrell close to death after he was rescued , but what really happened was that Marcus was not close to death but he states in the book “First [the Army Rangers] radioed into base that I had been found, that I was stable and unlikely to die.” (Luttrell 352). Another thing, Hollywood showed in the film was Marcus flatlining when returning to the bas, but Luttrell states “...I tried to stand unassisted. I turned to the doc and looked him in the eye, and I told him, ‘I walked on here, and I’m walking off, by myself. I’m hurt, but I’m still a SEAL, and they haven’t finished me. I’m walking.” (Luttrell 357). Why would you change what really happened. Don’t Americans have the right to know what actually happened instead of the dramatic parts Hollywood likes to add? There were many different scenes in the film that were changed around or even added to the story line that never even…show more content…
But really not everyone in this world has access to these resources, so they only know what people have to say about it. These Navy seal men gave their lives to try and complete Operation Redwing and we can’t even show a film the way it actually happened. One scene in the film that never happened was when one of Ahmad Shah’s lieutenants puts a knife to Luttrell’s throat and the villagers came up to him and stopped him, but in reality one of Ahmad Shah’s lieutenants just entered into Luttrell’s room began to beat him. As Luttrell explains in the book “I didn’t give that much of a shit. I can suck this kind of crap up, like I’ve been trained. Anyway, they didn’t have a decent punch among them.” (Luttrell 294). As Luttrell was being beaten an elder from the village enters the room and tries to command the Taliban to leave the premises. This was the only time his life came close to danger while in the village. Luttrell states “I found out later [the village elder] was forbidding [the Taliban] from taking me away. I think they knew that before they came, otherwise I’d probably have been gone by then...They hardly said a word while this powerful little figure laid down the law. Tribal law, I guess… “Upon the departure of the village elder, six hours after they’d arrived...the Taliban suddenly decided to leave.” (Luttrell 297) Hollywood made a whole scene in

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