Examples Of Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

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Ever wondered what the word perseverance means. Something that happened like a problem that people have to solve is a type of perseverance. There are many types of perseverance that people go through for example, having to do something to stay alive or going through something in your life that was tough and you overcome it is another way. There are even books that go through perseverance like the Call Of The Wild. Buck the main character has to go through tough times by meeting new owners and finding a way to survive on his own. This kinda relates to how my mom persevered by working harder and more every day for us to live in a house and have food and water. Both of these people both had to persevere by solving a problem to overcome something. Buck had to persevere by evolving into a new environment and solving problems throughout the story. Buck trusted all humans until he got sold to a man that beat him every day. It was hard for him to adapt into a new environment because he didn't know what he would expect. Buck had to go through many events in the story that involved perseverance that he overcome and solved in the story. His confidence led him to a new life and caused him to solve many problems in his life that brought him to be who he is today. His determination made him answer the…show more content…
My dad got laid off from his job so she had to preserve more time in her job. This experience for her and the family was really tough and she was willing put forth in extra time to work harder. She knew that this challenge was going to be tough she eventually found a way out of it. while working hard for our family she also help preserve more time by helping people around our house. She always knew to work hard in your life because you never know what could happen. She knew when that once she gets over with this problem that it would be a good role model to show her kids what hard work looks

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