Literature Synthesis Essay

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Literature has been one of the best forms of entertainment, education, research, and expression of ideas and emotions. Romanticism, Modernism, Realism, and Naturalism are forms of literature that have made an impact to society’s interpretation of emotion. With literature readers can sense a change of emotion from the author's tone, word choice, and parallelism, technology is just not efficient in portraying human emotion. Literature has had a greater impact on how civilizations have formed and prospered. Literature is a representation of our culture and the advancements civilizations have made. Important literature like "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald and "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, has inspired and allowed readers to think…show more content…
Paintings and musical work has allowed people to release stress, channel their inner emotion, and convey the true meaning of themselves. In addition to this, analyzing provides readers and viewers with a greater interpretation of the author’s or artist’s purpose. Technology has not been useless in our society and is definitely providing us with medical and scientific improvements, but the digital world is not historically and culturally comparable to the literary work that has been around for years. Technology is not a place where people can find support and be safe within their own home. Technology is the new source of isolation, providing people with an escape from social and outdoor activities. This is shown with the new generation, children spend so much time on their phones and computers instead of interacting with other or learning more about what is outside their room. I noticed within myself when I got my new laptop. I spent hours a day just watching shows on Netflix, blogging, and not paying attention to outside events. I felt like I was attached to my laptop, to the point I would sleep with it and have it near me 24/7. I stopped eating dinner with my family

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