Comparison Of Neutral Tones And Twins

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The setting of a short story or poem is the time, place and atmosphere of a story. In many occasions, the setting is revealed near the beginning of the short story/poem. The settings of “Neutral Tones” by Thomas Hardy, and “Twins” by Eric Wright, are extremely similar. The setting of “Twins” is 10 miles north of sudbury in the fall of 1990. The atmosphere is very suspicious and uneasy. The atmosphere is suspicious and uneasy because it tells us that the wife knows her husband is up to something. She hears out his whole plan and then waits to see if he will actually go through with it. When they first get to the old mine shaft, the wife is thinking “The stories often took them to some pleasant places, so it was like getting a second holiday, but this time she had come because she needed to know what was in his…show more content…
The author states that “ And the sun was white, as though chidden of God, And a few leaves lay on the starving sod, they had fallen from an ash, and were gray”, (Hardy, Stanza 1). He says that the sun is white and that the leaves are grey, and this only adds to the lifeless setting of the poem. Both of these settings are based around the fact that there is an atmosphere that used to be cheerful between two people that were in love with each other, and it ends with an atmosphere that is very depressing and lifeless. The theme of a short story or poem is the message or teaching that the author is trying to get across. There can be more than one theme in every story or poem. The themes of the short story “Twins” by Eric Wright and the poem “Neutral Tones” by Thomas Hardy are extremely similar in many aspects. They both portray the teaching that not everyone is who you think that they are, and that love can be deceiving. In the poem “Neutral Tones”, the author says “the smile on your mouth was the deadest thing alive enough to have the strength to die”, (Hardy, Stanza

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