Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama's Inaugural Address

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Every four years in the lives of the American people, there comes a time when everybody comes together to vote in what was, and still is one of the most important event in the world: The US presidential elections. In addition to the elections, America comes together to hear the words of their chosen president as he delivers his inaugural address. One such speech, delivered on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, by President Barack Obama at the start of his second term is seen as a speech that uses many rhetorical devices to persuade, elevate, and motivate the American public to believe in the Constitution of the United States. President Obama’s address features the use of pathos, an emotional speech, logos, a logical appeal, as well an incorporation of present events in a historical context that he bases on a central metaphor to influence the…show more content…
By talking about both of these delicate topics together, the President seeks to avoid being overly technocratic and policy oriented on one hand, and excessively ungrounded on the other. This technique gives him the opportunity to both appeal to big business corporations and their need to pollute in order to do business, and environmental and humanitarian agencies who take a more liberal point of view. Consequently, Obama seems to be able to avoid sounding too polarized to one side thereby indicating a moderate approach to the issues, as well as accommodate each side’s demands and secure his support. Ultimately, this approach illustrates the use of all three appeals. Logos is represented in terms of the President’s ability to take a moderate view on this, ethos when he displays knowledge in regards to the delicate issue, and pathos when he remembers the future “generations” of

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