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In this branching narrative, the player runs into a new island, Hearthing Bramble, and lands in Brackedge Port. Hearthing Bramble is an island covered in a jungle with a river in the center of it. When the player arrives at the island, there are 2 story lines that they can take in addition to a port report. Either the player meets with Agent 15 with 5 or more admiralty favors or he can venture deeper down the river. Obviously, the favors allow the player take a longer narrative path, but there are some ties between the two paths. With the shorter path, the player encounters a tribe of Croaks who encircle a carcass, which is revealed in another storyline to be a Who, a gigantic beast. In the other branching narrative, the player meets with Agent 15 and can either help the agent or leave. After they agree to help,…show more content…
Specific design choices, such as the use of phrases such as “50 fragments gained”, “Veils challenge failed”, or “Landed in Brackedge Port” add to the authenticity of the branching narrative. The ability to compile port reports and tracking player stats also add to the authenticity of the experience. The characters in Hearthing Bramble resemble characters on other islands. The native tribe of Hearthing Bramble, the Croaks, are frogs to match other animal characters in Sunless Seas, like the guinea pigs and rats. Agent 15 is similar to the Blind Bruiser in that he is secretive and critical of the player; the agent sneers at the player when he sees him. The influence of Dark Spectacled Admiral in Hearthing Bramble matches Sunless Seas, because it suggests the omniscient presence that the admiral has, such as his interest in the great moves of the game or strategic information. In Hearthing Bramble, the admiral is the one that dispatches the agent, which is similar to other agents in Sunless Sea, like the agents in

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