Examples Of Innocence In Huckleberry Finn

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Many books try to capture the world it’s main character lives in by telling it how it is. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain is able to use Huck’'s innocence as a 12 year old boy to show what frontier life before the civil war was like. Huck does not have any proper schooling allowing for a less descriptive world, with the ability to allow the reader to know what the world was like in Huck’s life. To some critics of Twain’s work Huck not growing intellectually or morally is a major flaw. However Twain counters those critics views with Huck's innocence. By using a child as the main character complicated situations are revealed with less struggle, due to Huck’s innocence as a boy, that is why Huck’s innocence s a strength of the novel. Huck experiences many…show more content…
For instance when he would steal something, he thought he was only borrowing it and had every intention to return it. These childish excuses show that Huck is still an innocent child on the Mississippi river. Many critics see Huck’s innocence as a downfall to this book. However Huck’s innocence sanctions a well known classic in American Literature. It is through Huck’s eye’s as a child that the readers can see frontier life on the Mississippi river is a whole. Through Huckleberry Finn a rare glimpse can be caught of the life of a runaway slave and in world that so much depended on them. Also the reader can witness the harsh justice system of the frontier and the men that the systems were designed for. Huck’s innocence is not so much of a downfall as it is the strongest point of the book. By using Huckleberry Finn as the main character of the book at the age of twelve, Twain is able to illustrate complicated issues of 1846 (pg. vi). This is way allowing for Huck to childish innocence is a strength in the

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