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A strong narrator can be the driving force behind a novel. It is the narrator's sole responsibility to determine how the reader interprets and understands the story. The novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by famous American author Mark Twain is narrated by Huckleberry Finn. Huck Finn’s youthful view on the world around him and the strong moral struggle he faces with slavery help make him a good narrator. However Huck will sometimes fail to grasp more mature themes, making it harder for the reader to understand what is happening in the story. Huck’s youthful view on the world greatly adds to the plot of the novel, which helps establish his skills as a narrator. Early into the book, once Huck fakes his murder and sails to Jackson island…show more content…
An example of this is when Huck learns about a battle with two families that has been going on for almost three generations. When Huck finds out a grown man shot and killed a teenager from the opposing family Huck says that the “man is a coward”, when the man was just getting revenge on the other family for killing one of his relatives (110). Huck fails to understand the concept of revenge, which can become a little annoying for the reader. Huck often has trouble figuring out people’s motives behind their actions, and like him failing to understand revenge it can become annoying for the reader. Another example of Huck being a bad narrator is when the King and Duke are tarred and feathered for the scam they try to pull on another town. After all that these two cruel men have done to Huck he still finds some spot in his heart to “feel bad for them” (232). Huck’s sympathy often becomes too much and can frustrate the reader. Huck finds it hard to know who he should give his trust to and who not to. Huck’s failure to grasp these mature themes sometimes take away from the novel and interfere with his narrating

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