Catechol Oxidase Enzyme Lab

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Kristal Jackson Phil Chancellor Bio 1130 October 17th, 2014 Environmental Parameters of Enzyme Activity Kristal Jackson, 2014, Functional Biology, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666 In this experiment, we were to see the changes in different situations that affected the reaction rate of catechol oxidase in catalyzing reactions. This is important because we were also to be able to determine the importance of cofactors and how competitive inhibitors effect the reactions. This experiment helped us then see if there is a relationship between enzyme activity and the salt concentrations. We measured each assigned NaCl solution in the pipette, and then transferred them to the cuvettes. We then added the amount of catechol and catechol…show more content…
Each concentration had its own trend, and each line jumped around a little bit. When you look back at our hypothesis and look at the results that we got in Figure 1, you see that the hypothesis null was supported with the data on the graphs. We see that there was no relationship between the NaCl concentrations and the enzyme activity of Catechol oxidase. If there was a relationship between the two, the concentrations on the graph would have been going down in order when the NaCl concentrations increased instead of having scattered information. One problem that we did encounter while doing our experiment, was accidentally adding the catechol too early before we were ready to measure the absorbance. The solution starts to react when it comes in contact with oxygen, so we added it too early and took too long to cover the cuvette. Luckily, we only made that mistake with one cuvette and we were able to catch it before we continued the experiment. Quickly, we fixed the problem by making another cuvette with the correct amount of solution, but postponed putting in the catechol until right before we were going to measure it into the Spectrophotometer. Looking back on the experiment and thinking of our experience with it, we could have had a much easier time while conducting this experiment. If we would have carefully read instructions, and put into consideration that oxygen causes reactions, the mistakes and additional time could have been

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