Is General Patton A Hero

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Credibility is being able to be trusted in or not. Most famous people in this world are defined on how much credibility he or she has. If you lose this though, people will define you in different ways than before. It can only take one thing to gain credibility, but one thing can make you lose it too. Naturally, people will judge others on how much credibility they have. For me, respect is just like credibility. If you have credibility, then you will have respect. General Patton was one of the most trusted people in the military, but also one of the most complicated(Estate). As Patton was finishing up his last year at West point, his father died in a traffic accident in Germany. This will affect him later in life with a wrong decision he makes. Patton is first in his class at West Point and goes up the ranks throughout the decade. He didn’t start to stand out until World War II started up. Patton got noticed when him and his “United States Tank Corps” bravely went into Cambrai, France and…show more content…
His braveness, and heroism made General Patton have a ton of credibility(Patterson) . Everyone in the Military trusted him and his decisions. This started to decline when Patton saw a guy sitting alone crying. It is said that Patton went over to the guy and smacked him right in the face and called him a coward. After this, Patton put the guy back into the first line. It is said that the guy ended up dying of shell shock(Experience). This got around fast to the outsiders and General Patton went from being one of the best Generals, to just an average leader in the military. Patton was supposed to lead a set of troops into Normandy on D-Day, but instead he didn’t get to even go to Normandy. Patton led the Fifthteenth Army in Germany. Although Patton lost credibility, he later regained it when he charged into Germany with the Soviet Union to take over the Capital. This made Patton and Eisenhower back to leading

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