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Nashali Paulino Psych False Confessions Have you ever been forced to admit something that you never done or know anything about; if so they you know that false confessions are something that can easily happen to normal people. False confessions are among one of the prominent reasons why many people get wrongfully incarcerated in the United States. A false confession is when someone admits to committing a crime in which they actually had nothing to do with. Although this many seem like an absurd thing to do many individuals get pressured by integrators into confessing they did illegal activities when in actuality they did not. The reason why these individuals are forced into confessing is because it makes the job of the interrogator easier…show more content…
Coercion Error is the technique in which the police officers breaks the resistance of the person being interrogated, so they can admit to being guilty. When doing this officers tend to fabricate evidence against the innocent person and tell them that they already have enough information to arrest them. The officer will then convince the suspect that confessing is the only way out and they will get a reduce punishment if they do so (Leo, 2009). In a study made by Kassin & Kiechel 75 subjects were told that they had evidence that proved them guilty of ruining the experiment. Upon hearing this over 69% of the group admitted to this and sign contract confirming what they did, even though they didn’t do anything. This study proves that when an individual is put under pressure and told that the interrogator has evidence against them they will usually give in. Because of this and many other techniques used by the police many people get pressured and forced into confessing crimes they did not…show more content…
One of the oldest forms of safety are the Miranda rights. These rules are set to protect and ensure reliable confessions. Although most innocent people tend waive the rights because they believe they can prove their innocence. Instead of doing this it’s best to remain silent, so one cannot be coaxed into falsely confessing anything (Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission, 2007). Another helpful tool when being interrogated is having an attorney present at all times. Being represented by an attorney is a right everyone has and should exercise whenever the situation all for it to. A defense attorney will usually know more concerning the law compared to the person being represented and will try their best to ensure justice for the individual they are being represented by. If told that the confession acquired by the officers was falsified they will try their best to make the confession nullified from the trail. Although these two methods are not full proof they will help those who have been victims of false confessions. False confessions are the main reason why innocent people get arrested for crimes they did not commit. Police interrogator Use a variety of techniques to get a suspect to confess even if they did not actually commit the crime. Even though there are ways in which people can protect themselves from this, it can be difficult when in the moment of being interrogated.

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