Women's Rights Dbq Essay

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Women in the Middle East are not as libiral or supported like the women in the U.S. A lot people don’t support women in the Middle East, they bring them. In the Middle their were protest/campaigns that supported womens right. Not everyone supported the women many opposed. The people who supported womens rights reached out to local news people or took risk breaking laws. These people brought the attention to the news and advocated for them self’s and others. According to document 2, “ Male Afghan womens rights activist pose for media as they wear burqas to show their solidarity to afghan women ahead of International Women day in Kabul” These are men who reached out to the media because they believe that women should have rights as well as men. In document 7 it says “ Iran player in hijab taking a goal kick,” This women is advocating for her self and other women, by playing a sport thats played by men. Women in the Middle East are known to be house wifes. Both men and women are taking risk by going against the goverment. Another way people supported women was by writing music, and speaking to the world. Their were many different…show more content…
Men would explain to women why they don’t any type of rights and then say it all comes back to the religion. In document 8 a man stated “ Its not good for some girl to show her body, wear very short skirts. This is not about Saudi Arabia, its about Islam.” This man belives that not letting women do things is good, but not for the country but for whom they believe in. Another quote that I used from document 5 was “ There is no need women to “flit here and there to get degrees and so on just so she can try to prove her intelligence is greater than a man’s” What I understood from that was, women dont need to go anywhere they dont need to or try to prove they are better than men. Men would try to insult women and find the smallest excuses to cover

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