Compare And Contrast Mike Tyson And John Procter

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During the the crucible john Procter was a well known man throughout the community he was looked up to as a hero figure with a tragic end. John Procter was a man accused of something he never even imagined of doing witch craft. Mike Tyson is one of the greatest names ever made in boxing heavy weight champion of the world thought of many to be there hero. Mike is considered to be a tragic hero from the greatest heights a person could ever dream of to the down fall of having nothing. John Procter and Mike Tyson were both admired and respected during the very beginning of mikes carrier at age 20 he had 22-0 streak mike Tyson “every man shall fear me”. John Procter was a man of his word “I will fall like an ocean on that court fear nothing”. John Procter did what he told his wife he was gonna do and he did not ever give up. Mike Tyson fought the media and the publicity throughout his whole carrier.…show more content…
John Procter once told the court “my wife never lies”. When Mrs. Procter was brought into the court to tell the truth about Mr. Procter and question Mrs. Procter to tell if it was true that Mr. Procter committed adultery Mrs. Procter said he never would do such a thing in the end it resulted back firing on him making her a liar. Mike Tyson had allegations that he did spousal abuse stirring up the media in June 1988 same year police were called to Tyson’s home throwing furniture and kicking his mother in law out and

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