Examples Of Dystopia In 1984

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As a whole, society can often be manipulated by false perception. Adolf Hitler made everyone believe how great of a leader he was, and how much of a fantastic man everyone thought. .But, then Hitler started to become controlling and cruel. Hitler quickly turned Germany from a Utopia to a dark, manipulating Dystopia. The definition of a utopia is , ‘’An imagined place or state in which everything is perfect’’ (urbandictionary.com). Examples of this would be 1984 and The Branch of Davidians. The definition of a dystopia is, ‘’An imagined place or state of which everything is unpleasant/bad’’ (urbandictionary.com). Utopias often become dystopias because the government starts to become over controlling, and perfection is impossible to obtain.…show more content…
The leader tries to make sure nobody thinks they do live in this dystopia but Winston starts to catch on. The leader of Oceania Big Brother, has a system where the citizens are not allowed to have thoughts, attractions, or feelings towards other people. This is part of Big brother’s method of restricting freedoms is through the thought police. The thought police are members of Oceania but they are able to read and understand other people’s thoughts. Citizens like Winston are not able to tell who is a member of the thought police or not because that is what Big Brother wants because it makes the citizens intimidated and not wanting to have thoughts. This means that citizens including Winston do not trust each other because they do not know who is apart of the thought police and who is not. If someone is caught having thoughts for someone else or is caught even having thoughts is brought to the Ministry of Love. The MOL is a place where so called criminals are brought when they are committed of a thought crime. When someone is brought to the MOL, they are punished by one of the leaders and they are punished brutally. In Winston’s case, he met a girl named Julia, Winston he fell in love with Julia and Julia felt the same way. Winston and Julia continued to meet and then eventually rented an apartment above a shopkeepers shop. Little…show more content…
He was very demanding and wanted everything to go his way. This is called dictatorship. Koresh started off by gaining the people's trust and once he did that, he turned on them. His views were now were not practicing religion anymore, it was guns, drugs, and alcohol. Koresh was illegally selling them and smuggling them across the border for money, ’’He and his followers built an ‘’Army of God’’ by stockpiling weapons in preparation for an apocalypse’’ (History.com). The meaning of this information shows how powerful Koresh was and how his members of the Davidian did whatever he wanted them to do. On February 28th, 1993, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol and firearms raided the compound. The four-hour gunfight left six of Koresh’s followers dead. The result was a 51 day standoff between Koresh and federal agents (History.com). On April 19, 1993 Koresh died of a self inflicted gunshot to the head. The lead negotiator Gary Noesner, many news reporters asked Noesner this, ‘’Do you think Koresh would of ever surrendered’’? Noeser answered, ‘’ I kind of equated it to a train station. There’s a train station, and slowly people are getting on the train and those people are the Branch Of Davidians. I perceived metaphorically Koresh would be watching his flock get on the train and pull out. He would have a couple of choices: get at

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