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In this paper I will discuss the three properties that distinguish white-collar crimes from ordinary street crimes. I will then discuss the three techniques that are used to commit white-collar crimes. Finally, I will discuss how these properties and techniques are used to commit health care fraud and provide some examples. First I will discuss the properties of ordinary street crimes. Ordinarily, there will be some kind of physical action involved in most street crimes, such as throwing a rock through a window or forcing entry into a residence during a burglary. This requires direct physical contact with the victim or target and is obviously illegal. These types of crimes have a specific place and time attached to them and can also be plotted on a map (lecture, 2015). White-collar crimes are different from ordinary street crimes in a number of significant ways. White-collar offenders have legitimate access to their victims, oftentimes through their occupational positions. There is often no need for the white-collar offender to have any direct contact with their victims…show more content…
The techniques are: deception, abuse of trust and concealment and conspiracy. The primary technique used is deception. White-collar offenders use deception to fool or mislead another person into doing something that the person would not do if they were aware of all of the facts. Closely related to deception is the abuse of trust. These occur in what are called agent-client or relationships. What happens is the client authorizes or trusts the agent to do things for them that they are not able or willing to do themselves. In return the agent abuses this trust. Another way of achieving deception is by using the third technique, concealment and conspiracy. Street criminals use this technique to hide their identity. White-collar criminals use this technique to hide their crimes (Benson & Simpson, pg

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