Of Mice And Men Friendship Analysis

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The book Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, teaches us many lessons through George and Lennie’s friendship. The book starts and ends with George and Lennie. It starts with George and Lennie together and ends together as well. Even though, George might’ve killed Lennie, there’s a bigger meaning behind this. George and Lennie are two people who the readers would not expect as friends, George as someone who is serious and smart, while Lennie is dumb and careless. However, through this friendship we learn one important lesson. Steinbeck uses different literary devices to convey the meaning behind the book – true friends are based on how they sacrifice for each other and how loyal they are – by indirectly characterizing Lennie, using motifs…show more content…
George’s feeling isn’t really positive however, his actions after these feelings shows true friendship. "Sure, like you always done before. Like, 'If I di'n't have you I'd take my fifty bucks-'" (Steinbeck, 52). This quote tells us that George would live so much better without Lennie. Before this quote, George explains how he could live a great life without Lennie, he would live in a cat house and own a big ranch. George continues saying that he is stuck with Lennie. George feels as if Lennie is his burden and every problem Lennie is in, George must help him out. Unlike most people, George doesn’t abandon Lennie, infact George helps him and George sticks with him through all the rough times. George shows loyalty since he would never let Lennie go alone. George sticks with him until Lennie is killed. This is one way George shows his loyalty and sacrifice for Lennie. However, George isn’t always like this. Before George and Lennie were friends, George made fun of Lennie. "Funny," said George. "I used to have a hell of a lot of fun with 'im. Used to play jokes on 'im 'cause he was too dumb to take care of 'imself. But he was too dumb even to know he had a joke played on him. I had fun” (Steinbeck, 19). This quote tells us how George really changed from the man he was. He was mean and careless but now he is kind and caring to Lennie. George shows compassion to Lennie, something most people can’t do. This is the reason George and Lennie were friends in the first place. Not because George wants something from Lennie, but because George understands what Lennie is going through and he wants to help him. Therfore, George shows characters of a good person. Instead of being a bully to Lennie he helps him and protects him. He didn’t care whether or not Lennie was smart and how he might benefit for having Lennie as his friend, instead he helps him and protects

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