Chadrick Jackson

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“Work for Everything and Settle for nothing” Chadrick Jackson is a driven, hard-working eighteen year old criminal justice major who attends Southeastern Louisiana University. He defines hard working as setting specific goals, and to not stop until you complete your goals at a more than satisfactory level. Also to keep striving while not allowing any obstacles detour you from completing what you set out to do. I asked him how has he become so driven and he replied, “If you do everything with your fullest ability you will have no room for regrets.” He has developed these morals over time due to his strict father who has always displayed to him that you will never receive anything in life for free. Also certain incidents affected his attitude…show more content…
From that moment on Chadrick became obsessed with the idea that he would someday make enough money to pay his father back. As a result, he has two jobs and a four year plan that will lead him into not having school debt. He also has not always had this mindset of been hard-working towards school. It was during his junior year in high school when he realized that without getting his grades on a certain level he would not be able to gain his father’s approval, see his friends or his girlfriend. From that point he began to be involved in school activities as well as being promoted to the honor roll. Balancing three sports, two clubs, a job, and social life can be hectic for most people, but this is what makes Chadrick determined to master every task he receives. Even though Chadrick is determined he views college as a big melting pot that was developed to separate different people with different personalities. In some ways this theory can be viewed in a positive way, but Chadrick believes that race and cultural differences play a key role into this segregation. His biggest challenge in college so far has been balancing school life with social life while trying to maintain decent
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