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Everyday Use What is heritage? Although this might seem as an easy question, it doesn’t have a correct answer. The meaning of heritage changing depending on the person. In "Everyday Use", Dee, Maggie, and Mama disagree about the true value of heritage. On their way to discover what heritage signify, they develop conflicts among them. The major conflict in the story arises over two heirloom quilts where Dee wants to have the quilts for herself, and Mama wants to give them to Maggie. Another disagreement develops between Dee and Mama over Dee's name. A minor conflict occurs involving the family house. These conflicts help readers comprehend what heritage means. The main conflict in the story revolves around two valuable quilts where Dee wants these quilts, but Mama wants to give them to Maggie. Dee was determined to have the quilts that when her…show more content…
Dee changes her name to Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. Wangero stated that she couldn't bear the name that was given by the people who owned her (page 55, lines 143-144). Dee is therefore rejecting part of her heritage involving her name. Her mother tries to explain that "Dee" was a name given to her by her aunt Dicie, who was named after Wangero's (Dee) grandmother Dee (page 56, lines 145-147). This further shows that Dee doesn’t know her heritage or the meaning of her name. Mama is obviously irritated by Wangero (Dee) not knowing her heritage or how to cherish her name. Dee is rejecting her name because of her assumption that it is white where as it is actually a name that was given by her ancestors. Mama didn’t want to argue much about the name because she knows that Dee is determined and will keep on talking back; therefore, this conflict was left unresolved where Mama kept using both names when referring to her daughter; Dee and

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