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“Ripples of Hope”, a collection of well-known speeches, has impactful transcripts of powerful people. I will be working with the transcript of the speech from Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez. Focusing on the aspects of culture and how that affects content and context of the text. In language and cultural context, language and the individual reflect perspective and background. For this text, I will be writing a written task one. This will show how language and meaning structured by culture and historical context. Gonzales utilizes illustration and heritage as a way to relate to the Chicano people. This is important to analyze the impact of his language. A written task one allows me the opportunity to write in context. Context permits the…show more content…
More of us were mistreated everyday, taken from our homes whether they are legal or not. I miss my neighbors, though what can we do? The government looks at me, a woman, as an infection to the well being of the country. With a heavy heart, I write about my new life as another day of luck not running out quite yet. Not everything is bad, I have had many occasions of small parties where we listen to music and bring food. Amo a mi familia. A man came to my neighbors house with this wrinkled piece of paper, must have been in his pocket. He begged someone to read it for him, luckily mi abuela had saved money to educate me in english. It was from the famous Chicano boxer, Rodolfo Gonzales, I used to listen to his fights. He, a former boxer wrote about Chicano nationalism. I have never heard someone so outspoken about the unification of a people; la familia, mi cultura. I can relate and understand him; written to us as equals, not scholars. The possibility of a movement seems so hard yet so easy. In my life I feel so ashamed to say that I let myself fall victim to the way of the country and not fighting for my…show more content…
When I defined it for my neighbors, it was proof of the power in the words as they clapped with every mention of it. We can use our differences and make them our strengths if we share the fight. My family, though separated by borders, is still together within the Chicano community. I think that's what he was trying to get at. Gonzales spoke about us as if we had the power to change and fight for anything. Healthcare, food, I hardly had this for myself today. I thought about the larger families, they need someone to fight for them and to be their voice for

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