Everglades Human Impact

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Everglades: Human Impact and Sea Level Rise The story of the Everglades truly begins with its relationship with early human civilizations. Inevitably, human beings have played a huge part in the evolution and transformation of the Everglades over its vast history. From coastal mound dwellers, to the Seminoles, to the agricultural revolution, many factors of human impact have made their mark on what makes the Everglades what it is today. Stemming from this, rapid sea level rise has now become the largest threat to the stability of this precious ecosystem. Due to this fact, it is left in our hands today to help restore and care for the future of this delicate, unique and complex 'river of grass' before it is gone forever. The Everglades…show more content…
Whether the causes of recent drastic sea level rise are natural or caused by humans, the outcome certainly poses a huge threat to the future of the Everglades and coastal communities of Florida. Much of the characteristics and qualities that define the Everglades are directly relative to very minute changes in topographic elevation above or below sea level; furthermore, there must be a delicate balance of water type and amount in order to nurture the unique native wildlife and vegetation. “The expansive coastal wetlands and freshwater marsh of south Florida are a result of the very slow relative rise of sea level during the past 3200 years (average rate of 4 cm/100 years). Prior to that time, relative sea level was rising at a rate of 23-50 cm/100 years—too fast for coastal swamp, marl, or sand environments to stabilize along South Florida's coastlines. The establishment of broad, coastal wetland during the past 3200 years has provided a natural barrier to marine waters and permitted freshwater environments of the Everglades to expand (Davis…show more content…
Before this period time, the sea level on earth was entirely too low in order to sustain its unique qualities. In much the same way that our specific distance from the sun dictates the stabilization of life forms on earth, the Everglades relies on a specific sea level in order to stay stabilized. Today, the sea level is becoming too high and is beginning to affect the coast through erosion and also threatening freshwater wetlands to become saline (Davis 213). It is clear that the Everglades is not the flourishing place it would have been a couple hundred years ago as optimum sea level and climate is quickly changing in recent

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