An Argumentative Essay About Burmese Python

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Invasive species can cause a multitude of problems ranging from disrupting an ecosystem to spending money trying to reverse the damage the animal caused. An animal that has been allegedly causing havoc in Florida is Python bivittatus, more commonly known as Burmese python. I will be more focused on the controversy that deals with if they are having a negative impact on the state of Florida. Due to the Burmese python being relatively new to Florida there isn’t a large repertoire of articles that deal with the Burmese python within the context of being an invasive species. However, I will be supplementing my argument with research done on the brown tree snake that invaded Guam right around post World War II. The following article, “Severe mammal declines coincide with proliferation of invasive Burmese pythons in Everglades National Park”, has lead me to believe that there is a strong correlation between the Everglade’s National Park mammal decline but not enough experimental evidence for a direct cause and effect situation. This is due to the data collected was by observing mammal road kills in an area where the Burmese python is known to thrive. The article makes the argument that the Burmese python is acting as a generalist predator and…show more content…
Some of the problems caused range from injuring people’s pets, the island’s poultry, causing shipping rates from Guam to go up, general increase in costs for handling the snakes, and most of all damage to Guam’s electrical infrastructure. So far there hasn’t been any reports of physical damage due to the Everglades National Park, this could be due to no research being done or that the python simply hasn’t done any of course, but this information can help with predicting future problems caused by the Burmese python and shows that damages done by an invasive species can be done to structures and not just

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