What Is Napoleon Bonaparte Rebel

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The French Revolution was one filled with complex ideas. By the year 1787, thoughts of change which had long stirred all Europe without any secure direction, suddenly became an active desire with a set goal in France. It was guided by objectives which would not inevitably be reached and created by men whom the Revolution would soon devour. Initially feeling as though government was the ultimate enemy, the thoughts soon became more complex and skewed. With France becoming a cesspool for chaos and revolt, a man known as Napoleon Bonaparte took it upon himself to use this disorder to his full advantage, quickly rising to prominence. Inevitably, Napoleon was a betrayer of the Revolution due to his selfish actions which led him into power and his meticulous actions formulated during his reign. In a period which exalted the individual and his opportunities, Napoleon was an extreme individualist for whom France and Europe, nation and mankind, were but instruments of his…show more content…
Napoleon was successful, and he caught the eye of the military commissioner Augustin Robespierre. Sadly, Robespierre and his faction soon fell from power, and Napoleon, deprived of his command was arrested. Of course, he was just as soon let go due to realization of pointless captivity. Within weeks he was quickly put right back into the swing of leadership. Due to the National Convention submitting the so-called Constitution of the year III, the Royalist party was enraged. Since Bonaparte's military exploits at Toulon were successful, he was given the command of the improvised forces in defense of the Convention, though he was much junior in rank and age to the nominal commanders. As the rebels marched on Napoleon had already positioned his artillery and coolly ordered it to fire. He was now a force to be reckoned with in the politics of the
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