Tris Prior Character Analysis

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In my opinion, the title “typical hero” and the dauntless heroine Tris Prior are definitely unrelated based on her personality and uniqueness. As she is a Divergent to her society, she is also an outcast to the typical heroes that we all know and love. With that being said, it is no surprise that the recognition of Tris’ uniqueness and distinctiveness makes her a “non-typical hero”. In particular, we see many heroines with protagonist characters; however, how many typical heroes have the abnormal personality that we find with Tris, showing both antagonistic and protagonist attributes? We may find quite a few amounts of heroes having negative components, since most heroes are strictly protagonists, yet none compares to Tris. In addition, we…show more content…
For instance, on page 25, Tris is seen struggling with herself to give to the poor. Yet on page 26, she had no problems thinking about hitting him and running away, which seemed almost like her first instinct. Generally, most heroes have phenomenal characteristics, such as: selflessness, bravery, and kindness effortlessly, unlike them, Tris constantly struggles with herself to have such characteristic, but her effort adds to our likeness of her. Also, on page 74-75, Tris is found struggling to feel sorry for Al. “Al sobs again. I almost feel the sound grave in my own throat. He is just inches away from me-I should touch him. No! I put my head down and roll onto my side, facing the wall. No one has to know I don’t want to help him.” (Roth 74-75). As can be seen in this passage, even though she saw him crying every night, Tris didn’t offer Al at all help, she just tried to block out the noise he was making. Additionally, on page 464, we see Tris shooting Peter in the arm without a decent reason, not because it was a…show more content…
In Divergent, Tris was found continually saving others,you'd think that was a good thing since the daunltess “objective” was to protect others from evil, but it wasn't, and it put her into a lot of danger. My heroine is a a good choice for a hero because she always puts her life into danger in order to help others. By taking his place, Tris potientially saved Al's life, since he knew he wasn't brave enough to stand on the target. “I look from Al's wide, dark eyes to his shaking hands to the determined set of Four's jaw. Anger bubbles in my chest, and bursts out from my mouth.”Stop it.””(page 162). Here, Tris' heart saddens when she see's her friend in an uncomfortable situation, she couldn't stop herself from stopping the tormentation of Eric. Knowing Al and his personality, Tris knew he would in fact flinchand get himself Fractionless. Instead of taking a chance, or even hestitating, Tris immediately went and stood up for her friend Al. The feeling of getting stabbed in the ear was painful, but seeing her friend suffer would hurt her more. Moreover, Tris was the first person to stand up to Eric, she showed him how the title “Dauntless” was nothing but a name because the dauntless had no courageous or brave attributes.She interpretated bravery to him in a way he could understand, by helping Al. Also, Tris is found persevering to doing

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