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In conclusion, The NSA had developed well since its beginnings and it had made much use of information technology to carry out its task and to achieve its aims. The American public was alerted of its methods of collecting data, mainly through digital means, for the purpose of heightening national security by Edward Snowden. Although not many contested that Snowden had indeed broken the law and displayed civil disobedience, a dilemma existed amongst the American citizens that perhaps his actions could be justified as it had given them knowledge and realisation that their privacy might have been invaded. It could also be seen if there was a justification for the need to sacrifice the privacy of individuals for ensuring national security, in…show more content…
Privacy and anonymity involves the Privacy is the ability of individuals and groups to determine for themselves when, how and to what extent information about themselves is shared with others. At its extreme, privacy becomes anonymity when, for instance, a person uses it to conceal his or her true identity in order to cyber-bully someone else. Conversely, excessive privacy could also conceal the perpetrators of criminal, terrorist or computer hacking acts from law enforcement agencies. Security is he protection of hardware, software, machines and networks from unauthorised access. Security measures include restricted access to machines and networks for certain employees or to prevent access by hackers. The degree of security of information systems largely determines society’s confidence in the information contained in the systems. These factors shows that they are debatable to one another due to the fact that NSA have full access to information technology on every american network. During the course of my research I came to a realisation that Edward Snowden did the right thing to leak information on the NSA. If a family had found out that their daughter died due to drug overdose, NSA have the ability to track recent activity

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