Persuasive Essay: Year-Round School Calendar

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To Summer or Not To Summer There Is No Question I believe that we should introduce year-round school calendars to more cities in America. As society has changed, we have evolved, but then why are our schools still running on an old fashioned calendar? Our summers may actually be the cause of some of the loss of our academic performance. In addition, there are many perks to going to school year round and as shocking as it may be we don’t lose our breaks. Is our summer vacation worth the loss of our academic performance? Most students lose about two months of achieving math. Ask yourself this, would you be willing to go back to school for 2 extra months every year just to recover all the loss of your knowledge? It is a fact that students from…show more content…
Having a year-round calendar does not mean you are going year round. Some programs are just adding more hours to the school day while others are adding days to their calendars and making the course work harder. Some of the more advanced schools already have their schools on a longer schedule. There are many different types of year round schools that can fit every need. There are the single track systems that are the most popular year-round format; they are adopted by 90 percent of schools that now possess a year-round calendar. Although there are no additional days, these schools have shorter breaks to attempt to prevent learning loss. "It doesn't cost any more or less" than a traditional schedule, Ballinger says. "All you do is reorganizing the school year, with maybe a little more air-conditioning in the summer, but that's offset by a little less heating in the winter. It's pretty much a wash, financially." Then there is the multitrack system. This system divides the student body into groups. This way one group will be on vacation while other groups go to school thus, cutting down on pupil crowding. All multitrack system pupils are given the same holidays as those on a traditional calendar. However, it saves the district money by not having to build more schools for more students. Then there is the extended year system. This adds 15 to 20 days to a school year. This costs

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