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Teen Activism Have you ever learned about how kids have been troubled because of something awful that happened to them. Well Faye Carey, Iqbal Masih and Alex Libby are very important to the teen activist environment. Well in this informational writing it shows how they work through their situation and turn it into a good thing. It is also important to know this because it could have a major effect on your life. One quote that explained part of Iqbal’s life is “For six years, the small boy spent crouched over a loom, weaving hand made carpets.” I bet you if that you were Iqbal that you would think it’s to hard and you wouldn’t be able to do it, and if Iqbal would stop when he wasn’t allowed too I bet he would get beat or something even worse…show more content…
A couple pieces of background information on Iqbal is that when he was four years old he was sold into slavery because his parents owed a 12$ debt. Sadly he is currently dead because of what happened which you will read right now. Iqbal was fighting for child labor and for kids to not be sold off like him. His passion is for any of the kids to be able to not go through child labor and to be a good free kid. The challenge that Iqbal faced was he was sold into child labor when he was four years old! Iqbal worked by making hand woven carpets. Iqbal’s parents had a $12 dollar debt to pay off so they sold him to work for the money. Iqbal worked there for 6 years and finally when he was ten escaped from the place and ran to the U.S. and asked students from Broad Meadows Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts. That middle school raised $100,000 dollars and this was enough to build a school in Punjab just for Iqbal. Therefore to this day 280 kids attend it. How they made the money was simple they made a website on Iqbal and people donated to that website. Iqbal stated, “Children should have pens in their hands not tools” by Scholastic News. Also one thing to note is that the middle school kids from Broad Meadows Middle School it says, “These kids working up to 16 hours a day tying tiny knots in carpets, sewing soccer balls, picking cotton in fields and carrying heavy bricks on their

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