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Written/Audio-Visual Media Advertisements Thomas Jefferson said “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”. Advertisement is a major part of promoting the product in conventional method of marketing. It covers variety of platform including television, radio, newspaper and magazine. Advertisement mainly covers the parts where online marketing cannot reaches. Print and written media advertising includes newspapers, magazines and similar publishing. These forms of media is good to advertise within as it has a large reading and viewing audience, as it is read by most of the expat population as online marketing may not enough to reach the community of our target users sometimes. We can advertise in the interval of television programs that focus on fashion, travel and technology device. The timing of the advertisement is preferred to be set in the morning session and late evening (prime time). The advertisement in the morning session…show more content…
Due to the part social media plays in our daily lives as of recent times, advertisements on social media can be very effective and reach many people. Certain demographics can also be targeted, due to the nature of social media. Thus, advertising on social media can be very effective. Social media helps in all steps of pushing a potential customers to a repeat customer. First of all, a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter account are to be establish. Then it will be linked to the official webpage through hyperlink. Furthermore, advertisement service provided by Facebook is used to generate new traffic flow to our Facebook page, similar to email advertising, we are able to customize our target audience and goals through Facebook’s sophisticated advertisement/marketing page (Appendix II). Targeted audiences will see an ads on the sidebar when they surf

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