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Russia emerges from Mongol rule 1480 The Mongols were known for being the largest land based empires ever. Therefore, there need for more land was growing. Prior to the emergence from Mongol rule, the Mongols had conquered most of Asia. The Mongols successfully took over Russia for many years, until Ivan the Great, finally conquered Russia back after he refused to pay tribute to the Mongols. The significance of this event is important because the cultural, social, and economic state of Russia was restored after Ivan the great took control over russia in 1480. However, some historians state that the Mongols rule delayed the expansion of russia by 150 years. That may have had effect on the Russians development on weapons, taxes, and military. Columbus reaches the Americas 1492 This time period is marked as one of the most major events in history. This Italian sailor attempted to sail to Asia, and instead landed in the…show more content…
Thirty Years’ War in Europe 1618-1648 The Reign of Akbar was very important, as he saw himself as a ruler for all of India. The traits of Akbar included very charismatic, amazing, and an overall terrific leader of the Mughal Empire. Akbar believed in a centralized government, and made it his goal to improve the empire by encouraging the acceptance of other beliefs. This time period is significant because, the Mughal empire was at a high point during his reign, because of art and architecture that Akbar encouraged. The Thirty Years’ war in Europe was caused from divided societies and fractured political systems. Therefore, the chaos among the societies was arising. Catholic people murdered over 3,000 people. The war was very destructive and led to violence, famine, and disease. The significance of this event is since it was a religious war, the people fought to balance out power upon the people, and resulted in millions of deaths. Therefore, the war ended with treaties that led to negotiation skills. Second Ottoman siege in Vienna

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